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George Town overview

When Is the Best Time to Visit George Town?

George Town sits right on the Tropic of Cancer, making the island town’s climate both hot and humid. However, this is perfect for enjoying the waters of the Bahamas. October through March makes up the peak travel season in George Town, especially for those looking to trade harsh winter weather for warm beaches. March also hosts two of George Town’s most popular annual events: the Annual Family Island Regatta of Elizabeth Town and the Annual George Town Sailing Regatta. Shoulder season months of April, May and September should also be considered, as visitors will enjoy reduced airfare and hotel rates without settling for terrible weather.

Why Visit George Town?

The capital city of Great Exuma, George Town is part of the Exuma district of islands, which includes more than 300 isles in all. A rather small population keeps this town laidback with a true island vibe that lures tourists searching for calm beaches, relaxing resorts and watersports.

One of the most popular watersports in George Town is yachting. Those interested in the pastime should plan a visit during March, when the Annual Family Island Regatta of Elizabeth Town and the Annual George Town Sailing Regatta draw crowds from around the world.

In town, there isn’t much to note – after all, this is a town that attracts travellers who enjoy spending their time on the water. Plenty of boating shops sell supplies, and docking services are available for those who bring their own boats.

If diving or boating are of interest, a trip to Lake Victoria is a must. Surrounded by land on all sides, Lake Victoria sits in the heart of the city and offers the perfect starting point for a day spent on the water.

Those looking for a daytrip won’t want to miss the nearby private island of Saddleback Cay, which has seven beaches for tourists to enjoy. The most popular of these beaches is Half Moon Beach, where visitors can snorkel, feed nurse sharks and dine on authentic Bahamian lunches.

Getting around George Town

There isn’t much reason to leave the resort, but travelers who want to get around George Town will find it easiest to do so by car. Renting a car is the best bet, though it is fairly expensive. Those who want to travel to nearby islands will also find plenty of charter boats available, too.

How to Get to the City from the Airport

Exuma International Airport (GGT) is the main airport that services the city and is about 8 miles (12.8 km) northwest of George Town. Visitors can either rent a car from one of the agencies at the airport or take a taxi into George Town. Taxis are available for hire just outside the terminal.

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