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When is the best time to fly to Port Harcourt?

The weather in Port Harcourt is warm all year round, with temperatures generally staying between 21 and 33 degrees Celsius. The city experiences a long, heavy rainy season, along with a short dry season which is usually when visitors take flights to Port Harcourt.

The driest months of December and January are considered to be the best time to book flights to Port Harcourt, however be wary that airfares and accommodation tend to be more expensive.

Between March and October the rainy season descends upon the city and this often involves heavy rainfall. As a result, these months see a lull in tourism but an increase in the amount of cheap flights to Port Harcourt available. Although November and February welcome some rainfall, it is significantly less than during the rainy period.

In addition, you can always time your visit to coincide with an event that is occurring in Port Harcourt, such as a show you want to see in the Cultural Centre.

Port Harcourt overview

Port Harcourt boasts lush greenery, still, shimmery waters, and plenty of cultural attractions to keep you busy. This region of Nigeria has recently become particularly famous as an eco-tourism destination, offering environmentally friendly places to stay and tours by boat or on foot of the various creeks and rivers in the region. Winding watery paths are ideal for bird watching or for spotting other species of native flora and fauna. Another great part of Port Harcourt to explore is the coast. This part of Africa has a brilliant, long stretch of coast with several soft sanded beaches that are good for sunbathing and swimming. Take your pick from the beaches that begin at Opobo and run all the way down to Koluama. Port Harcourt Tourist Beach is an artificially created beach, and is the hub of much of Port Harcourt's nightlife. Here you will find some of the best bars, restaurants, and cafes in Port Harcourt, all with a great seaside view and atmosphere. Visit Isaac Boro Garden Park for a tranquil stroll or a quiet picnic. Any visit to Port Harcourt should include a trip to the Rivers State Museum, where you can see some brilliant examples of arts and crafts, as well as other artefacts, from Port Harcourt's present and past. The Cultural Centre is home to theatre, arts, and dancing: a vibrant place to spend an afternoon or an evening.

Getting around Port Harcourt

The main way of getting around in Port Harcourt, for locals and tourists alike, is by taking a public bus. There are several different bus companies operating on routes throughout the city and the suburbs too. As well as the regular taxis you will see all over the city streets, Port Harcourt is also famous for its motorcycle taxis. Indeed, for many travellers, the experience of taking a motorcycle taxi is one of the main attractions of Port Harcourt in itself. Hire cars are another popular option for visitors who want to see the city's main sights.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Once your flight to Port Harcourt International Airport (PHC) arrives, you will find buses, taxis, and hire cars are all available to take you to the town centre. The airport is a relatively small single terminal airport which is located in the suburbs of the city of Port Harcourt.

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