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South Australia overview

Step into South Australia for a taste of the outback, a drink at the vineyards, a walk through the wetlands and close encounters with animal sanctuaries and wildlife preservations.

Flights to South Australia land travellers in Adelaide, the country’s capital. Here tourists can enrol in surfing classes, swim with the dolphins, tour the National Wine Center and divulge in gourmet cuisine from around the world.

Following a jaunt through the city, tourists can hop local South Australia flights to the outback or take a drive to Kangaroo Island and marvel in the wonders of the Remarkable Rocks. Traveling around South Australia is easy. Several international airlines fly to South Australia daily from one of the capital cities.

Once in South Australia, however, it will be tough to leave. After sipping Shiraz and diving with the dolphins, most travellers are captivated by this remarkable state. And if the wine and sea-life don't do it, a hug from a koala will surely seal the deal.

South Australia climate

The region’s variety of climate zones makes booking flights to South Australia an opportunity to experience all kinds of conditions. In the north the desert prevails, but along the coast the Mediterranean weather takes over, producing warm, dry summers (December to February), and cool, wet winters (June to August). Near Adelaide, the summer months of December, January, and February turn up the heat, and especially inland, temperatures reach 40 degrees, and very little rain falls.

When to fly to South Australia

No matter when you go, planning travel to South Australia rarely disappoints, because weather conditions stay warm and sunny throughout most of the year.

Peak Season: Most vacationers plan flights to South Australia during the long, warm span between October and April, when conditions are mostly dry, and heat skyrockets at the heart of Australian summer.

Off-peak Season: While fewer travellers visit during the rainy season, it’s easier to find great deals on accommodations and cheap flights to South Australia during the winter months of May and August.

Getting around South Australia

Spanning almost four times the size of the United Kingdom, South Australia offers travellers plenty of options for travel around the country. The most popular method of South Australia travel by far is driving. Renting a car is convenient and simple, and offers some of the best views on long journeys across the country. Roads are typically easy to navigate, and you’ll get more sightseeing out of driving than you will on any other form of public transportation.

Limited train service connects Adelaide to other areas within and beyond South Australia’s borders. Schedules and ticketing are available at all major train stations.

South Australia insider information

Outback: Take a break from the hum of the city, and take your South Australia travel towards an outdoor excursion in the outback. Explore anything from the wilderness to the desert, stretching from the Flinders Range up to the Northern Territory. If you’ve rented your own vehicle, take the Stuart Highway to Darwin, and be well prepared for limited stops: Few places offer food, water, and fuel, so stock up before your trip. Cruise through the Great Victoria Desert, the Simpson Desert, and the Stuart Stony Desert, and if you happen to book flights to South Australia right after the rain, you’ll see Lake Eyre fill up and produce lush life around its banks. Timing is everything though: Be careful not to schedule your visit too close to heavy rainfall, because roads can become flooded and blocked.

Adelaide: A relatively calm city, Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, and home to approximately one million people. The Torrens River separates Adelaide and North Adelaide, and green landscapes of parkland, Mountain Lofty Ranges and coastal beaches are found depending on which side you prefer to encounter. For shoppers booking flights to South Australia, skip the nature and head toward King William Street, which spans from north to south crossing through Victoria Square, and offering shops, restaurants, and entertainment of all kinds. Grid streets and accessible squares make driving an easy process.

Barossa Valley: Situated just north of Adelaide, Barossa Valley serves as the perfect place for sommeliers booking South Australia flights in search of wineries. A well-known wine region, this place has a German feel to it and is one of 50 wineries in the area. Once again, if you’ve rented a car, take a scenic drive through Angaston, Tanunda and Menglers Hill. Angaston is a little town inside of a town, laden with opportunity for finding arts and crafts along the Para River and also holds the Barossa Music Festival each October.

Migration Museum: To get right into South Australia’s history, seek out the Migration Museum, which is known for preserving, explaining and celebrating South Australia’s culture. While exhibitions and public programmes rotate throughout the year, no matter when you plan your flight to South Australia, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the museum’s permanent exhibitions about immigration and settlement. Just outside, in Settlement Square, (a central feature in the museum’s courtyard), names of families, birthplaces and dates of forebears are on display for history buffs from all over the world to see.

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