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When is the best time to fly to Entebbe?

The best time to plan flights to Entebbe falls between the months of June and October. There is a low amount of rainfall during these times and temperatures are comfortably low too. You'll be able to thoroughly enjoy all of the outdoor activities and events occurring, while getting the most out of the scenic sites, beautiful beaches, nature walks and safari tours.

Cheap flights to Entebbe can be found between the months of December and February. This is the hottest period, although it's cooler in the mountains. However, if you are planning a trip during the Christmas period, prices of flights and accommodation may rise. The rainy seasons, during March to May and October to November, and are usually avoided by most tourists. If the rain doesn’t phase you, November is a great time for visitors to book flights to Entebbe as they can enjoy the city’s annual World Music Festival which promotes the culture of traditional Ugandan music.

City overview

Entebbe, a major town located in central Uganda, is a paradise for those who appreciate nature and wildlife. This destination is also home to the International Airport and you'll find a range of adventurous activities to enjoy during your visit. Nature walks through the indigenous forests of the Botanic Gardens and Gorilla Tracking Safari Tours, in search of the mysterious mountain gorilla, are highly recommended. The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, currently known as the Entebbe Zoo, is also based in Entebbe and is a popular place for tourists and locals to visit, to observe the animals and learn about the eco-systems in place. Here you'll see over 200 primates, exotic birds, reptiles and various mammals. The majority of the animals are orphans, whose parents were hunted and killed by smugglers and poachers. Take a ferry across Lake Victoria, to the Sesse Islands. Here you'll discover 84 uninhibited islands and bird-watching and fishing activities are provided. You'll also see diverse marine life and monkeys too. Keen anglers will enjoy the fishing facilities available on Ngamba islands. This serene location doubles as a sanctuary for 48 confiscated and orphaned chimpanzees and visitors are encouraged to interact with them. This sanctuary has a wild setting, reflecting the natural habitat of the chimps. Visit for a half, or full day, stay overnight, or remain at the sanctuary for 2 weeks.  

Getting around Entebbe

Many people use the Boda-Boda (motorcycle taxis) to travel around the city of Entebbe. Another alternative are hire taxis. These are easy to access from most hotels. They also provide a safer mode of transportation, in comparison to the Boda-Boda.

Getting from the Airport to the City

The Entebbe International Airport (EBB) is located in close proximity to the city centre. Once you have landed on your flight to Entebbe, The Airport Transfer Company provides shuttle services, and airport taxis are readily available to book too. They have fixed fares, so no need to worry about bartering prices. Shuttle services are provided, by major hotels, and small commuter buses that are identifiable by a blue stripe or square, travel between the airport and Entebbe. The distance from the airport, to the city centre, is approximately 2.5 miles (4 km).

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