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When is the best time to book a flight to Orlando?

Peak season

Orlando is at its busiest during April for Spring Break, mid-June to mid-August for the height of summer and sometimes early-December to early-January for the winter. You won’t find the cheapest flights to Orlando during these times, but they are popular months because of the stability of the weather. You can expect lows of 8 degrees in January and highs of 33 degrees in July and August.

Off season

The weather is much more erratic in the months of September, October and November due to hurricane season (1st June - 30th November), so this is when you are most likely to find cheap flights to Orlando. Be aware of the weather forecast before you book flights. September through to March is when you are most likely to find the more affordable family deals for a trip of a lifetime to the likes of Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and Islands of Adventure.

Which airlines operate flights to Orlando?

British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Aer Lingus, Transaero Airlines and Iberia are amongst the many major airlines that fly to Orlando. There is no doubt that Orlando is one of the most competitive destinations in the world for airlines, so the cost of flight tickets will change significantly throughout the year.

How long is the flight to Orlando?

Flights from London to Orlando: 8 hours 30 minutes

Flights from Manchester to Orlando: 8 hours 17 minutes

Flights from Birmingham to Orlando: 8 hours 21 minutes

Flights from Glasgow to Orlando: 8 hours 5 minutes

Orlando’s airports

Orlando has two airports that are approximately 11 miles apart: Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Orlando Executive Airport (ORL).

How to get from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to the city centre?

A former military base, McCoy Air Force Base (MCO) was redeveloped to create one of the busiest international airports in the world to serve one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  Distance to the city centre is 6 miles (9.6km) south-east of Orlando

Once your flight to Orlando lands, the AGT train station will transport you to either terminal A or terminal B for Baggage Claim A or Baggage Claim B respectively.

Once you’ve picked your luggage up, you’ll find all shuttle vans and buses, taxis and rental car services on the Ground Transportation Level, which is level 1. The local metro system, LYNX, also runs services between the airport and Orlando.

It’s around $2 for the local bus to anywhere but Disney and Walt Disney World, which is $4. A shuttle bus is $19-28 per person for a one-way trip, $31-48 for a round trip, and a taxi is likely to cost anything between $33 and $75, depending on where you are going.

If you’re staying in one of the Walt Disney World resort hotels in Orlando, there is the pre-bookable shuttle bus service, Disney’s Magical Express, to take you there for free, which the kids are sure to love. It will also take you back to the airport for that last touch of Floridian magic at the end of your holiday.

Getting between terminals

For baggage claim, you’ll need to be in terminal A or B and the AGT train can get you there. Terminal A and terminal B are in the same 525ft-wide building, so you can walk between them on level 3 of the building.

Hints and tips

  • The LYNX bus to Downtown Orlando via routes 11 and 51 is only $2 a ticket
  • The WiFi is free throughout the airport and there are 18 complimentary charging points in the airside terminals (charging points are in abundance in the main terminal)

How to get from Orlando Executive Airport (ORL) to the city centre?

An airport more suited to flights for business than flights for leisure, ORL is Orlando’s second airport. Distance to the city centre is 3 miles (6km) east of Downtown Orlando.

Orlando Executive Airport offers a door-to-door service to all passengers and is within easy reach of Downtown Orlando, business parks and theme parks alike, so it is very accessible. Just three miles from Orlando, it is a popular choice for business trips to Orlando.  

Hints and tips

  • ORL is the airport of choice if you are flying into Orlando for business - it is minutes from many major commercial and corporate locations
  • Book transfers in advance before you arrive at Orlando Executive Airport

Orlando insider information

  • Make a plan before you get off your flight to Orlando — there are so many possibilities. Purchase theme-park tickets online to avoid standing in line at many of your favourite attractions. If you need to buy tickets after you arrive, get to the park an hour before it opens to queue up for tickets.
  • Check out the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau website.  It provides international guides and maps, advance ticket sales, including Magicards, links for booking hotel rooms and transport, information on the Orlando nightlife, restaurants as well as links to goings-on at the theme parks and in Orlando.
  • To beat the crowds at Disney World, use the FastPass system to schedule a ride time rather than waiting in line. For all parks, start at the far end of the park and work your way back to the entrance. Also, go to the big rides first so you miss the mid-afternoon rush.
  • Other attractions you might want to visit are Wet N’ Wild, Orlando’s most popular water attraction; the Kennedy Space Centre, just an hour’s drive from Orlando; and Busch Gardens, also an hour’s drive from Orlando.
  • Orlando is hot and muggy in the summer and mosquitoes and no-see-ums (tiny bugs with a big bite) love that weather. Make sure to pack or pick up insect repellent, especially if you’ll be near the water.
  • Don’t forget to pack or pick up sun lotion with a high SPF rating (30 or higher), a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.

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QAR 82.61
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QAR 30.89
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3 bedroom apartment in city centre
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3 bedroom apartment outside of centre
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1 bedroom apartment in city centre
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1 bedroom apartment outside of centre
QAR 15448

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