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When is the best time to fly to Abacos?

Peak Season:

The busiest months of the year to book flights to Abacos are from September through to May. The temperature doesn’t really go above 24 degrees, but you’ll struggle to find cheap flights to Abacos due to the high number of tourists and the lack of competitive airlines so make sure to secure your flight tickets as early as you can.

Off Season:

The rain comes down from May to October although it isn’t extreme. It’s also the hottest time of the year with temperatures sometimes unbearable for a lot of tourists. You’ll also find the cheapest flights to Abacos around these months too so if you can deal with the high intensity of the heat then you can find a good deal. June to November is classed as the Hurricane season although the chances of actually getting caught up in a hurricane are rather slim. Prices drop all throughout this off season but make sure to book your flights to Abacos in advance.

When is the best time to book a flight to Abacos?

Once you’ve decided what time of year you want to visit, book your flights to Abacos at least 3 months before that date. So if you want to go in May when the weather is hot but the hurricane season hasn’t started, secure your flight tickets around February or earlier if you can. If you are flexible you’ll find the cheapest flights to Abacos and by booking your flight tickets in advance you’ll have enough time to plan any alternative transportation you might need such as sea planes to travel to different islands.

How long is the flight to Abacos?

Flights from London to Abacos - 21 hours 05 minutes

Flights from Manchester to Abacos - 26 hours 10 minutes

Flights from Birmingham to Abacos - 27 hours 15 minutes

Flights from Glasgow to Abacos - 27 hours 05 minutes

Which airlines operate flights to Abacos?

There is a real limitation of the number of airlines that provide flights to Abacos, and as such the price of flight tickets is steep. United and British Airways are the major two to consider when booking your flights to the Abacos. The duration of the flights make it very tiring and long so you’ll want your expensive flight tickets to provide some level of comfort. British Airways are a good choice, especially if you sign up to be an executive member and earn tons of points with a flight to Abacos, points you can redeem against other flight tickets or gifts later on. Ultimately it’s worth deciding on a date and seeing who provides the cheapest flights to Abacos.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

Once you’ve landed in Marsh Harbour airport, which is the main airport in the Abacos to fly to, you can find a couple of options to get you into the city or surrounding towns. Depending where in the Abacos you want to be will determine your method of transport as you might need to arrange for boats to take you across the islands. Secure your flight tickets early to give yourself enough time to arrange your best options. If you’re staying around Marsh Harbour then you can easily reach the centre via public transport, all of which you can figure out once your flights to Abacos have landed. Also check with your accommodation before you book with them if they provide transfers as this will save you time and money.

Abacos insider information

Realistically not many people can afford the price of this 40 day island hopping experience, but that said it’s worth taking a look at all of the stunning places the Bahamas has to offer.

You can’t visit the Abacos without spending many hours in the warm turquoise waters. There are miles of sandy beaches and people travel from around the world to relax.

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