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Freeport is the largest city on the Grand Bahama Island and the second largest in the Bahamas.  The town is a holidaymaker’s dream offering every possible amenity, unforgettable beaches and beautiful, protected environs.  The city may be big and bustling by Bahaman standards but it retains a quiet and laidback atmosphere that other tourist hotspots often lack.  Freeport is a holiday destination praised for its proximity to a large number of white sandy beaches.

All trips to Freeport should include spending some time in the hustle of Port Lucaya.  This is the place to visit the shops, dine out and maybe enjoy a cocktail or two in Count Basie Square in the marketplace.  The main draw however is the beaches and this city has many to choose from, the further out you travel the quieter they get, but they all are stunning. Grand Bahama is considered the best Bahaman destination for eco tourists as it's an island full of national parks and gardens. Eco attractions include the Garden of the Groves, the once private gardens of the city's founder William Groves, which have been perfectly cultivated to create an oasis of calm.   The gardens are complete with waterfalls, exotic birds and tropical plants as well as a celebrated cafe.  Day trips slightly further afield include the Peterson Cay National Park, a tiny uninhabited island with stunning coral reefs and Lucayan National Park, home to the exquisite Gold Rock Beach and an extensive underwater cave system.   Popular leisure pursuits in Freeport include golf, diving, snorkelling and jet skiing.

When to fly to Freeport

The Bahamas enjoy a semi tropical climate with year-round sunshine.  Peak season occurs mid-December to mid-April when there is less chance of rain and more pleasant, slightly cooler daytime temperatures.  Prices are much higher during peak season however and many visitors will find they can get a good deal during the off-peak season from May to October.  Those looking for a deal should also avoid the US Spring Break during March and April when prices go up, beaches are crowded and the music will almost certainly be louder.   One of the biggest festivals, Junkanoo, occurs on both Boxing Day and New Year's Day when prices will already be at a premium for accommodation and travel.  If you are in Freeport for Junkanoo be sure to go out to the streets to watch the colourful festivities.

Getting around Freeport

The easiest way to view all the best sights is from a tour bus.  The centre of the town can be easily navigated on foot whilst slightly longer journeys can be taken by taxi but be sure to agree a price before you get in.  Some visitors rent a car for their trip which makes it easier to travel across the whole island to find the quieter beaches and the historic settlement towns.

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