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Alexandria, Egypt’s “Pearl of the Mediterranean”, is a city of manmade wonders and where one can find some of the oldest relics discovered in modern history. Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC, Alexandria has been an important city that has played host to some of the most impressive structures in ancient history.

Superlative attractions in Alexandria include the Pharus and the Alexandria Lighthouse - which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 

Today, Alexandria is still a bustling port city and its pristine beaches along the coast continue to draw tourists and visitors from throughout Egypt and around the world. Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo and visitors booking flights to Alexandria will have no shortage of activities and cultural pursuits at their beck and call. Join the throngs of passionate football fans taking in a match at one of the four soccer stadiums in town, take a stroll on the sands of Maamoura Beach or just head out into the city streets for a night on the town.

Alexandria climate

Alexandria’s Mediterranean climate leaves it experiencing temperate seasons that only vary when it comes to precipitation: Winters (December to February) in Alexandria are mild and wet with temperatures on average resting at 14 degrees, while the dry summers (June to August) can experience highs up to 30 degrees. When it comes to weather, spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are the most pleasant times of year and therefore the best times to look for Alexandria flights: Rainclouds are seldom to be seen, and temperatures comfortably sit around 23 degrees.

When to fly to Alexandria

Before you book your Alexandria flight, be aware of the dates of Ramadan, the Muslim high holiday. This month of fasting falls at a different time each year. 

Peak Season

Flights to Alexandria fill up fast from late autumn through the end of winter, when European and North American tourists are fleeing the frigid weather for more comfortable temperatures on the North African coast. November through the end of February are the busiest times of year for booking Alexandria flights, to make your reservations months in advance if you’re planning on joining the throngs of tourists flocking to the area. 

Off-peak Season

Cheap flights to Alexandria are plentiful in the summertime due to the extreme heat settling along Egypt’s Mediterranean shoreline between May and September. Try booking your flight in early autumn: The summer heat dissipates in the beginning of September, making for pleasant, sunny conditions without the crowds of Cairo-natives who tend to fill up the resorts and hotels in Alexandria in the month of August.

Getting around Alexandria

When your flight to Alexandria arrives, save some money by taking a bus to the centre of town. Though with all you’ve saved on your Alexandria flight already, you may just want to negotiate a taxi fare instead. Getting to town by taxi is quicker and more reliable. Alexandria’s main form of public transportation consists of a network of color-coded trams. Hop aboard the yellow trams to explore western Alexandria from the central Raml Station or head east on a blue tram. The trams are very old, and therefore slow, but the tickets are extremely cheap. Downtown is easily accessible by foot and a great way to explore the city, but you can also flag down one of the many yellow-and-black taxis. Taxis rarely use meters, so be sure to negotiate your fare ahead of time.

Alexandria insider information

Though the ancient ruins of the Library of Alexandria have long since decayed, the impressive, UNESCO-orchestrated construction of a new Library of Alexandria in its place is a site not to be missed. The library was inaugurated in 2002, and its facilities include the shelf space for over 8 million books, three museums, four galleries and a planetarium, making the Library of Alexandria a great indoor activity for a rainy day. 

History buffs have been booking flights to Alexandria for years due to the city’s reputation as a treasure trove of antiquities, so make sure you check out one of Alexandria’s many museums during your stay. The Alexandria National Museum, Antiquities Museum and Graeco-Roman Museum all chronicle the illustrious past of the city with their informative, engaging exhibitions and are all located in the downtown area. 

The Catacombs of Kom as Shuqqafa are one of the most visited sites in Egypt and are considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World. The catacombs make up the largest roman burial ground in Egypt, and the tombs and passages are open for visiting today. Plan a day to explore the Catacombs as well as Pompey’s Pillar, a massive granite pillar looming over the remains of Rhakotis, the original township that eventually would grow into modern day Alexandria. 

When it comes to nightlife in Alexandria, keep in mind that Alexandria is a predominantly Muslim city and that Muslim norms forbid imbibing in alcohol: Most of the larger nightclubs and discotheques have bars, but don’t be surprised if you see beer or wine omitted from the menu. With that said, party animals booking flights to Alexandria won’t be disappointed, as the city boasts some of the best nightclubs, dance halls and performance venues in Egypt.

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