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Malta overview

When is the best time to fly to Malta?

Peak season:

Malta is typically a year-round destination thanks to its glorious Mediterranean climate. It’s blessed with hours of sunshine and rarely experiences rainfall. That said you’ll find cheap flights to Malta harder to find during the UK school holidays, especially throughout Summer. March through to May and September to October are lovely and warm but with fewer tourists, making them ideal dates to find flights to Malta. You’ll have to secure your flight tickets in advance though.

Off season:

Due to the weather almost always being pleasant, Malta doesn’t really have an off season. Due to that you’ll need to book your flights to Malta early to prevent overspending. Flight tickets are generally lower during the Winter months and you can find the cheapest flights to Malta from December to February, but you’ll still need to book earlier in the year.

When is the best time to book a flight to Malta?

There is no real best time to book your flights to Malta, although generally aim to secure your flight tickets 2, 3 or even 4 months before you want to travel. Cheap flights to Malta can be found last minute but it’s quite rare, especially if you want a holiday package included. Being flexible with your dates will help you find the cheapest flights to Malta and get the best deals. If you are on a budget then try to avoid the peak times when schools break up for holidays as this will drive up the price of your flight tickets.

How long is the flight to Malta?

Flights from London to Malta: 3 hour 20 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Malta: 3 hour 25 minutes.

Flights from Birmingham to Malta: 3 hour 20 minutes.

Flights from Glasgow to Malta: 4 hour 10 minutes.

Which airlines operate flights to Malta?

There are several airlines that provide cheap flights to Malta, the main few being Ryanair, British Airways, easyJet and Air Malta. Depending on your budget you could opt for an airline such as British Airways although you’ll no doubt spend more money than if you purchase your flight tickets from Ryanair. That said you’ll get a slight increase in comfort as well as complimentary food and drink throughout your flights to Malta. If you opt for Ryanair or easyJet be careful when adding checked in baggage as during the Summer months the prices of these can become extremely expensive.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

The most efficient way to get to the city after your flights to Malta is either via the bus or the shuttle service. You can book your shuttle either online in advance or from the desk at the airport and that will take you directly to your hotel. There are also 4 different bus routes you can take depending on where you are going, or if you are visiting a more obscure village then you’ll have to check at the airport about the best bus number to get on. Alternatively you can jump into a taxi upon arrival although these will be a lot more expensive, especially if your hotel is based in Paradise Bay or somewhere far from the airport.

Getting around Malta

Malta is far too small to need air links, although Malta Air Charter offers helicopter service from Malta to Gozo. There is also a ferry service between Malta and Gozo. Bus services are available throughout Malta as is car-hire. Driving is on the left. A traditional way to see the island is by horse-drawn carriage.

Malta insider information

  • Read this Malta airport guide to discover all of the information you might need once your flights to Malta land.
  • It’s no surprise Malta makes the list of the top 10 destinations to visit!
  • The Hypogeum in Valletta is the world’s largest underground religious site. You’ll need to book your slot to visit online though as they only allow 80 visitors a day and it can get incredibly busy.

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